Ep 16 How to Feel Good When You Get on the Scale, No Matter What You Weigh

Episode 16: How to Feel Good When You Get on the Scale, No Matter What You Weigh

Scale Podcast 16

Have you ever stepped on the scale in the morning and watched as the rest of your day went totally downhill?

Or rejoiced because the number on the scale went down, and so you told yourself all was good in the world?

Either way, it’s not the number that makes you feel good or bad. Seriously. It’s how you think about it.

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That means you can feel good no matter what that number is.

Here’s how:

  • See how you have created a ritual when you weigh yourself.
  • Understand how you typically think about the number on the scale.
  • Learn why your thoughts about that number create the mood for your day.
  • And then how your mood leads you to eat well for the rest of the day, or slip into overeating.
  • How can you look at that number on the scale more objectively?.
  • What can you do if you don’t want to weigh yourself but want to see if you’re making progress?
  • What makes the scale go up or down?

Here’s your opportunity to stop letting your day AND your eating depend on seeing a ‘good’ number on the scale in the morning. Are you game?

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