Ep 14 You Need to Stop Hating Yourself in Order to Lose Your Extra Weight

Episode 14: You Need to Stop Hating Yourself in Order to Lose Your Extra Weight

Stop Hating Yourself Podcast 14

You want to lose weight. You want to stop your bingeing. And you definitely want to stop eating emotionally.

But wait, before you can do those things, there is one thing you MUST do.

And that is to stop the hating, the bashing and the name calling.

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That’s right! I’m talking to you, about those secret, internal conversations you have with yourself that leave you feeling terrible.

And they make it impossible for you to take constructive steps to change the way you eat.

Are you with me? Here’s our coaching conversation about how to stop hating yourself so you can move on and do what you most desire:

  • How does your self-hate show up? What does it sound like for you?
  • Why do you do it when it feels so bad?
  • What’s the big deal if you talk not-so-nicely to yourself?
  • If you need to feel better so you can do better, how exactly do you do this?
  • What if your negative thoughts about yourself keep on coming?
  • Do you think you’ll feel better AFTER you lose the weight?
  • Why do the hateful thoughts about yourself feel so real?

Changing how you feel about yourself at your current weight, with your current eating habits is something you can do. Definitely. 100%.

Trying to make changes while hating your weight and your body and the way you eat will definitely get in the way. Let me show you how to change this and stop hating yourself, so you can move forward. Peacefully.

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