Ep 4 The 3 Essential Parts of Solving Your Eating Problems

Episode 4: The 3 Essential Parts of Solving Your Eating Problems

The 3 Essential Parts of Solving Your Eating Problems

Join me as I share my philosophy about what’s most important in ending your eating problems:

  • Hint: it’s far from just what you eat!
  • How to think about managing your life.
  • What your mindset has to do with eating like a naturally slim woman.
  • The key to self-care (that you can actually do) when life throws you challenges.
  • Two perspective shifts that will change your life and your eating – for good.

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Today, I am discussing what’s most important to you on your journey to change the way you eat, and the way you live.

You’ll be learning all about taking care of yourself on a broader level than just focusing on how and what you eat.

You’ll also finally understand how your thoughts lead you to all kinds of eating behaviors you wish you could stop… and now, with this new understanding, you’ll be able to!

And, I’ll show you a different version of self-care (one that you can follow through with) that doesn’t include bubble baths and candles, unless you want it to!

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