Ep 2 Clearing Your Path to Weight Loss Success!

Episode 2: Let’s Begin Clearing Your Path to Weight Loss Success!

Clear Your Path to Weight Loss Success

Here’s what you’ll get clarity on in this episode:

  • Why being ultra-clear on your weight loss goals is essential to reaching them.
  • How painting a detailed picture of yourself in the future (in your mind!) creates unstoppable motivation.
  • Why ‘losing weight’ isn’t enough of a goal to keep you moving forward. And what to do instead.
  • What feelings have to do with reaching your goal.
  • Where your main motivation needs to come from.

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Listen to this episode as I explain how to get yourself to do what you most want – to eat and live like a naturally slim woman. You don’t want to model yourself after a slim woman who is always on a diet and holding on for dear life. The goal is to live in a way where your eating is natural and not restricted. Wow! Won’t that be the ultimate freedom from your dieting past?

How do naturally slim women eat, think and care for themselves? That’s exactly what we cover in this episode. Join me, won’t you?

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