Ep 5 Working on Project YOU: Creating Your Weight Loss Blueprint

Episode 5: Working on Project YOU: Creating Your Weight Loss Blueprint

Working on Project YOU

Today you’re going to get a handle on a major shift in how you think about losing weight or changing how you eat. If you’ve struggled in the past, this episode will help you in a big way. These changes are small and doable, with profound effects. They are part of Project You.

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Here’s what you’ll get in Project YOU:

  • You’ll see why having a certain weight as your main goal just doesn’t work, and what does work instead.
  • You’ll learn how to look at the whole project of making changes in your eating and your body, instead of just worrying about what to eat, and when to eat it.
  • You will understand why hating yourself stops you from losing weight and changing how you eat. And I’ll tell you how to look at yourself right now, at whatever weight you are.
  • Do you try to be good? This is not a strategy. Learn what to do instead.
  • Finally, learn how to look at a challenge as something you welcome, instead of something that you dread.

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