Why We All Need Quiet Time

Quiet TimeYesterday I walked my dog Henry in the snow. It swirled around us, soft and fluffy and really pretty.

I live in a quiet neighborhood with very little traffic.

And yesterday, in this week between Christmas and Chanukah and the New Year, it was even more quiet than usual.

No cars.

No people.

I was struck by the silence.

Suddenly I was having a conversation with myself.

And it hit me.

This was exactly what I’ve needed.

What I’ve hungered for.


And space.

To think.

To hear my thoughts.

To daydream.

To get clarity.

Sometimes, in the extreme busyness of our everyday lives, we forget to get off the merry go round and decide what we want.

We get used to just going with the flow, or just barely keeping up.

And when we live like this for a while, we forget to check in with ourselves. And see if we are on the right path.

So today, I want to remind you to step off the daily grind, even if you love your life, and take a break.

A quiet break.

Stop doing.

And planning.

And worrying.

And reacting.

Just be.

See what comes up in the beautiful silence.

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