Why Saying No To Yourself Is a Great Thing

saying noRemember when you were a kid, and you wanted something that some of your friends had?

And sometimes your parents said ‘no’.

You were angry.

You stamped your feet.

And you felt that life was entirely unfair.

Why couldn’t your parents be cool like your friends’ parents, who let them have whatever they wanted?

You were in a state of perpetual frustration.

The years passed.

And now you’ve either become a parent, a much loved aunt or an unofficial mentor to some young person.

And the tables have turned.

Now you have countless reasons for saying no to them.

Because you love them.

Because you know unlimited anything is too much of a good thing.

Because you want them to value ‘yes’, and not take it for granted.

Yet, sometimes, when it comes to eating or taking care of yourself, you have trouble saying no to you.

Maybe it’s leftover from when you were a kid. When you vowed to give yourself everything you ever wanted when you grew up.

Only now that you’re there, living with constant ‘yeses’ is not so great.

Too much of a good thing is too much.

What you want in the moment doesn’t always serve you.

And many times, while we all want to live in a world of ‘yes’, the best thing we can hear is ‘no’.

No honey, you can have that later when you’re hungry.

No honey, three desserts won’t make you feel so good when you’re done.

And, no sweetie, you’ll be happier if you eat light now, because you’re going out tonight.

Getting sleep when you need it is a great example of a ‘no’ that you need. No to staying up just because there’s no one to make you go to bed.

Getting plenty of delicious fresh fuel, because you deserve it.

Being an adult is a great thing.

Because theoretically we live in a world of ‘yes’.

But the truth is that a well-placed ‘no’ can be the equivalent of a big hug.

When it’s delivered with love.

Then, it doesn’t trigger deprivation.

It doesn’t cause a meltdown.

It’s you taking care of you.

And sometimes that means ‘no’.

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