Who Are You When No One Is Watching?

watchingWho are you when no one is watching?

When you are eating alone, are you true to yourself?

When you’re not following someone else’s rules, what do you follow? Do you have your own guidelines?

Do you follow them?

When you don’t, it’s like sneaking behind your own back. That doesn’t feel so good. You feel sneaky. And you might think you can get away with it. But you aren’t getting away with anything because everything you do has a result.

We think:

I’m alone.

No one is watching.

But me.

And that counts more than anyone else in the world.

Can you eat as if you are always watching?

Not as a monitor or prison warden (my obsession with Orange is the New Black is showing here), but more as your very own accountability partner.

The goal is to want to eat from hunger every time.

And stop when there is no longer hunger. Every time.

And you want to be true and committed to this goal all the time. Alone or not.

So you ARE always watching.

And that’s a good thing.

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