What’s Your Theme?

What's Your ThemeDo people really have themes?

I think so.

For many years, I worked my way through my life, trying to find happiness.

I read hundreds of self-help books, talked to friends, did lots of coaching and even did therapy.

I couldn’t figure out, despite all this work, why I still wasn’t enjoying my life as fully as I wanted to.

Then I stepped back and I began to see patterns.

I realized that whenever I got into a funk, it was usually about the same type of thing, over and over again.

I began to realize that my life was organized around a few variations of one central theme.

My theme was and sometimes still is ‘not enough’.

Sometimes I told myself that I wasn’t doing enough.

Other times I thought that I wasn’t getting enough.

My ‘enough’ could be work, food, love, time with certain people or money.

So now, I know my themes.

When something triggers my thoughts about having or doing enough, I snap out of it.

And I lovingly remember, ah, it’s just one of my themes.

I don’t have to go down that path.

I can dump my old themes.

So can you.

But first, it helps to recognize them.

Do you know what your themes are?

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