What is Your Extra Weight Holding You Back From?

What is Your Extra Weight Holding You Back From?You know how your life would be better without carrying around extra weight, right?

You’d be healthier.

You’d have more energy.

You’d be less likely to get certain diseases.

You might live a longer life.

Statistically, you’ll earn more money in your lifetime.

You’d wear a smaller size clothes. Which is really only a benefit if that matters to you.

So, for now, forget about all those reasons to lose your extra weight.

They just may not be compelling enough for you.

I’d like you to shift your perspective just a bit and take a look at how it would affect everything else in your life.

When you are in a relationship and you are always beating yourself up in your head, that hatred and frustration will come out. And whoever you’re involved with will be the unlucky recipient of this side of you. Even though it has nothing to do with them.

You will use precious brain space to focus on this thing, this enemy that is you, so what’s left over will go into your survival.

What will suffer is creativity. Expansion. Giving your gifts to the world.

Imagine what you are capable of as a parent, if you are peaceful and confident. Sure, life will always throw us some curve balls, but when you aren’t focused on your weight every day, your ability to love and nurture your mini-you will be much greater.

Imagine what you are capable of in your career. When you spend a lot of time wishing and punishing, there isn’t a lot left for forward thinking and growth-oriented plans. You end up just getting by and constantly catching up.

Our extra weight drains us in so many ways.

The solution is to give it up.

End the struggle.

There is a way out. It isn’t magic.

It isn’t easy, but it is worth it. Figure out why you eat more than your body needs.

Because the world wants all that you can give.

And you deserve to be all that you can be.

And the joy you will experience when you operate at your peak is mind-blowing.

No more excuses.

Make the most of this beautiful life.

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2 Responses to “What is Your Extra Weight Holding You Back From?”

  1. Lilia Lee says:

    This is an extremely important question for weight loss. Finding the answer will result in shedding the weight.

  2. Hi Lilia, I think in weight loss, we are all pretty focused on ourselves and our private struggle. But when we look at our problem and imagine how the rest of the world would benefit from us if we moved beyond it, that might motivate us from a totally different perspective.