What it Takes to Lose Weight for Good and Lose the Whole Problem

Lose Weight for GoodWeight loss, done right, can be a complicated issue.

There are so many components that have to fit together, just like a puzzle. Leave out one piece and you won’t be able to complete the puzzle and lose weight for good.

But that is about the ‘how to do it’. What to eat. When to eat. When to stop eating.

There’s more to weight loss than ‘how to’ and this other part can be even more important.

It’s about how you do the ‘how to’.

You already probably know how to lose weight.

But the overall ‘how to’ that I’m talking about is how you get yourself to do what you know you should do. It’s about your life philosophy. It’s about your attitude. And your philosophy coupled with your attitude is what keeps you going. Until you get where you want to go and lose weight for good.

If your life philosophy is that life is hard and a lot of work, you’ll have a very small chance of making big changes.

If your attitude is, ‘Oh, I’ll just blow this off today and start again tomorrow’, what you’ll end up with is not good. You won’t just stay where you are today, but you will slip further down the slippery slope, always confused about why some people can do things that you can’t seem to do.

So, what IS the philosophy you can cultivate that would help you lose weight for good?

Part of it is that every single thing you do counts.

And compounds to give you a result.

This is true even when you can’t see the result right away.

And with something like weight loss, or any big goal worth having, you can be guaranteed that you won’t see the results right away.

If this is true, whether you consciously choose your next steps or not, you ARE choosing your next steps. If you keep thinking that small things don’t count, and don’t do what you know you should do, you will get lousy results.

You’ll keep struggling.

If you can accept that most good things in life take work, and be willing to do the work (not necessarily with a struggle), then your attitude will push you forward. You won’t complain, or resist, or feel like a victim.

So how do you get the right philosophy?

Start by looking at someone in your life, or someone you’ve read about, who’s done what you long to do.

Instead of wishing you could be them (you can’t!) or that you could act like them (you don’t), strive to learn how to think like them.

How do they think? This is their philosophy.

How do they view life? What is their attitude? Do they think the world ‘owes’ them? Do they feel entitled?

What kind of moods are they generally in?

And what kinds of actions do they take?

Don’t tell yourself these role models are just lucky. Luck is something we create. No matter where you are starting today, you have the same ability as anyone else to create success.

Whether it’s in your physical body, your weight or your health, your finances, your work or your relationships.

Look first at your philosophy.

Look at your attitude.

Be clear on what you want. Be willing to work.

And then learn to make every single choice count.

You can do this.

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