Weight Loss and the Working Woman

working woman

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re smart.
  • You’re a pretty high achiever.
  • You’re a working woman.
  • And you have a strong ability to figure things out.

I know you.

Most of my clients have lives that are full and busy, just like you.

And most of these women struggle.

With their weight.

With emotional eating.

Or with binge eating.

And the one big thing they all have in common is their AMAZING ABILITY to manage multiple priorities at work.

They have many balls in the air and they are great at keeping everything going.
Except when it comes to themselves.

When it comes to their own self-care and solving their eating issues, they drop all the balls.

And crash.

You’re successfully using your strengths to solve problems at work…

But at night, after holding it together all day as a working woman, you’re using food to solve your personal issues.

There’s something wrong with this picture. There’s a big disconnect here.

Things can be different for you. You can learn how to use your strengths to take care of yourself, make yourself a priority, and lose the weight for good!

I’ve created three short and sweet audios for you to listen to – even when you’re on the go – that will help you see what you’re doing that isn’t working, and teach you what to do differently.

And I’ve included a simple, to the point workbook (A Business Plan for Your Body) that will help you:

  • Define the problem
  • Create solutions for yourself
  • And take action

So you can apply your business strengths to improve your personal life for an even deeper success.

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