Want To Lose Weight? Then Prepare for Failure!

failureSounds counterintuitive, doesn’t it?

You really, really want something. You’ve done your research. You have a plan. You’ve set up support. Now you’re ready for action.

All systems go, right?

Whoa, hold on! Slow down. You forgot one thing: you need to prepare to fail.

It’s great to be positive and confident as you move in the direction of a goal. In fact, you definitely want to create those feelings so you can take actions that will eventually lead you to the result you want.

But, remember this: achieving any goal is a process. The process of losing weight, or creating a business, or finding a special relationship all involve taking a few steps forward AND the occasional step backwards.

The backwards step isn’t a signal to stop. It isn’t a signal that you’re going down the wrong path. Your gut feeling will reassure you that your direction is true.

But the backwards step is a message. It means: feedback, feedback, adjust, regroup.

John Maxwell calls this ‘failing forward’, in his book of the same name. The results you get as you move towards what you want most will give you feedback to make some adjustments, and get even closer to your goal.

So is failure really failure when it comes to weight loss? You just skipped your workout for the past nine days. You just ate way past satiety at your last meal. You felt annoyed at your partner and reached for chips instead of feeling your feelings all the way through.

Let’s look at it this way.

When you overeat, and you’re trying to lose weight, you’re receiving a message from yourself.

This message is feedback, NOT failure.

This message could mean:

You might need to change something.

You still have a lesson to learn here.

You could think about this in a different way.

So what we usually call failure, a pause, a step back, even a complete reversal – is just feedback.

Stop, look at what you’re doing, and give it some thought.

This process of getting feedback will inevitably come up in the quest of any goal. Expect it. Look forward to it. Learn from it. And certainly don’t beat yourself about it.

Be peaceful while you’re ‘in the process’.

It will make getting to your goal so much easier!

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2 Responses to “Want To Lose Weight? Then Prepare for Failure!”

  1. Dianne says:

    I’m a bit stressed after reading this because I really want to listen to my body and eat, exercise in a way that feels great to me but after reading this I think what if it doesn’t work what will I do then?

  2. Hi Dianne, Look at it this way. If what you’ve been doing isn’t working, then you have nothing to lose by trying something new. Listening to your body is what we all did when we were born. We just lost our way a little as we learned to eat for other reasons. It’s exactly how naturally slim people do it. So even if you are afraid, I’d advise you to try it. It will take practice, but it’s worth it. Keep me posted.