Truth #8: Keep Getting Back Up

Getting back upWhether it’s reaching your weight loss goals, running a marathon or achieving a breakthrough with your kids, we will all fall down many times.

Yes, we will all have many failures before we have success.

But achievers don’t actually call these falls ‘failures’… they simply see them as something they must go through in order to get the prize they want.

We need to expect to fall down on our way to something special.

That’s what makes it special. It doesn’t come easy. It may not be simple. But it tastes very sweet because of the extra effort it requires from us. It makes us bigger and better and stronger than we ever believed we could be.

The Boston Marathon was a great example of how a determined city wouldn’t stay down. Not in the face of danger. Not in the face of difficulty. And not even in the face of threat.

These runners, like you, wanted to achieve something in their lives.

They had a vision, and goals, and steps to take.

And when something big happened that derailed them, they took it as a temporary pause. Not a signal to pack up and go home.

We admire them. Because they got strength from their difficulties.

And that’s what I want for you.

I want you to know that part of reaching your goals means getting back up.

Dusting yourself off.

Figuring out how to do it differently.

Getting back up and moving again.

There is no giving up if you really want something.

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2 Responses to “Truth #8: Keep Getting Back Up”

  1. Lori Dube says:

    Thanks for the reminder Cookie. Your words….””part of reaching your goals means getting back up….are going to be ones I repeat to myself when ever that little negative voice in my head says “you screwed up.” Your coaching style, direct, no-nonsense, often funny is so helpful to me. Thanks!

  2. Hi Lori, There are so many examples of people around us who are trying and falling down and getting back up. And we are so compassionate when we see them. But when we ourselves fall down, out comes the club to beat ourselves with! It’s good to be aware. I’m so glad you enjoyed this article. xo