There’s No Such Thing As A Bad Day

bad daySo many people, clients and friends alike, tell me all the time about the bad day they just had. They list all the things that happened, how hard these things were for them, and how awful they feel.

But what if none of this were true? What if there was literally no such thing as a bad day?

That is exactly what I’m saying.

Days, and all the things that create them, are just days. They are neutral containers filled with all the things that make up your life.

So if days are neutral, why do we all so often think we’re having either a good day or a bad day?

It all comes down to how we think, and what we think about the day.

One person has 7 things to do on any given day, and they view that day as full and rich.

Another person also has 7 things to do on a day, and they view that day as jam-packed and overflowing.

What’s the difference, and who’s right?

Both are right.

And the difference is simply how these people think about their day.

Our perception, how we interpret events in our lives, colors how we think and feel about something.

So if we tell ourselves that our day was too busy, we will feel stress and overwhelm.

If we tell ourselves that our day was full of connections and productivity, we will feel good… perhaps proud and content.

So if there is no such thing as a bad day, then why does our mood change and get negative now and then?

The answer is that our mind creates our mood. And then acting from the framework of that mood, we create our day.

We can create any kind of day we want.

But first we must suspend belief.

And look at what we are creating with our raw materials, instead of blaming the externals… because our day doesn’t create our mood.

And that is really, really good news.

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