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Episode 61: Moving Your Body — Excuses or Obstacles?

Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

Episode 61: Moving Your Body — Excuses or Obstacles?

Are you a woman who moves her body? If you are, you probably will enjoy hearing all the good things you get from moving.

If you aren’t, then listen up. I’ll tell you why you should do it. And we’ll then look at what might be holding you back.

Move body podcast 61

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It’s helpful to look at your personal reasons for not moving your body. Are they excuses? Or are they obstacles?

Learn the difference and I’ll help you find a way to make this happen that isn’t painful.

Do you know how to make a plan, without getting lost in the research?

And what about your thinking? You need to clean up that mind of yours so it doesn’t make moving hard, or something that will never happen for you. In other words, it’s all about your mindset.

And finally, how to prepare for challenges that threaten to throw your new habit off track.

Join me if you don’t think of yourself as a person who moves their body and let’s blast through your excuses. Moving can be life changing, if you bust through your excuses.

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Episode 60: Making a Plan for Self-Care — How to Do It

Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

Episode 60: Making a Plan for Self-Care — How to Do It

How well do you take care of yourself? If you’re like many women, you don’t do any self-care until something comes to a crisis point.

Self-care podcast 60

You neglect your body until one day you wake up and don’t know how you got here.

You may neglect your health until some symptom nags at you and won’t go away.

And your emotional health is no different. You need to take care of you. There is no way around it.

Here’s how we’re going to do that. Get my LOVE Menu worksheet right here.

I want to show you how to figure out what you need. And stop resenting that you are in charge of meeting those needs. Then, I’ll help you create a menu of things you can do as needed so you feel good on a pretty regular basis.

Ready? Let’s dive into creating your self-care plan.

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Are You Too Darn Nice?

Thursday, July 24th, 2014

Nice GirlsToday, in my Body-Mind Book Club with my friend Max Daniels, we will be interviewing Karen R. Koenig. She’s the author of Nice Girls Finish Fat: Put Yourself First and Change Your Eating Forever (along with four other books!)

Why is it that the nicer you are to others the more likely you are to put yourself at the bottom of the list in your own life?

And when you do that, it’s really common to take care of yourself in a way that is fast, easy and takes only the tiniest bit of energy… and that is by eating.

Eating when you aren’t hungry.

Eating foods that zap your energy and your self-esteem.

And eating way, way past full.

Karen isn’t saying that the mean girl in you should dominate your personality. Not at all.

But what she is saying is that you can’t always be the nice girl at your own expense. And that’s what a lot of us do.

To learn why we do this, how to not do this, and let go of your extra pounds without the drama of a diet that doesn’t work, check out Nice Girls Finish Fat: Put Yourself First and Change Your Eating Forever.

Why You Should Never Start Your Diet On A Monday

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

Monday Green Road Sign with dramatic blue sky and clouds - Days of the Week Series.Let me amend that statement.

I’m not a believer in diets. Diets actually cause overeating and binge eating. So let’s call it ‘your weight loss program’.

How many times have you said this to yourself:

  • I’ll just start Monday.
  • Or, I’ll start after the holidays.
  • Or after the New Year.

The thing about Mondays or any other arbitrary starting point is that those dates are meaningless.

What we’re really saying is ‘not now’… I just can’t commit right now.

And that is the problem.

We can imagine committing sometime in the future, but not now.

And that future date never happens. Because when Monday or New Year’s Day actually come, we then let some other little imperfection in our behavior push back our starting date again.

And again.

And we become more demoralized. Less confident. And our weight continues to add up from this psychic procrastination.

So what can you do? You still want to lose weight. And for whatever reason, you think you have just blown your effort and need to get back on the wagon as soon as it’s convenient.

Here is what you can do:

Always start now. No matter the day, the date, the year or the holiday. As soon as you deviate from your plan, first figure out what you can learn from it. And then continue. There is no big start. Just a continuing road that you will be on.


Does that mean you will always have to be focused on losing weight?

No! It simply means that taking care of yourself physically and emotionally is a life-long endeavor. And you are never done.

You never fail… you just get feedback.

It’s like the kids’ game of warmer or colder… are you getting warmer… closer to your goal? Or colder, further away?

Every step keeps you on your path of living your life. It’s like a huge experiment, where you are constantly checking your results to see if you like what you are creating.

And if you do, stay on that road.

If you don’t, well, make an adjustment. Right now.

With the next meal.

The next drink.

The next snack.

Now is what we have for sure.

So do it now.

Dealing With the Afternoon Slump

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

Last week I wrote about the importance of taking some time in the morning and checking in with yourself. Setting your intentions in the beginning of the day programs your brain with a goal of how you want to think, feel and act.

Girl having afternoon slump

It works.

I hope you’ve taken a look at my worksheet, The Daily Check-In, and are using it to have a better day.

So what happens when you set your intentions in the morning? You go along, having good thoughts planted within and hopefully beginning to implement your desired actions.

But, as the day goes on, what commonly happens is the late afternoon slump. You’re tired. Your blood sugar may be low. And the lofty intentions you set in the morning are lying in a heap on the floor.

This doesn’t mean anything is wrong, with you or your plan. It simply means that it’s really common to feel like you’re running out of steam by the afternoon. And when this happens, you need replenishment.

Replenishment means filling your cup again, figuratively speaking. It means taking a small break.

Breathing slowly.

Looking at your morning writing. Re-reading your intentions.

And recommitting.

To you.

How do you want the rest of the day to go?

Do you need a snack, a break, a walk around the block?

How will you handle the evening meal? When should you start preparing it?

How about a small reward for getting through the earlier part of the day? Listen to a song. Leaf through a magazine. Indulge in a quick call to a friend. Play with your pet.

Now turn your attention to anything you did that you feel good about.

What went well?

What are you grateful for?

Focusing on the good stuff, instead of what’s undone or didn’t go as planned is always an energizer and creator of good mojo.

With what’s left of the day reevaluate what you still want to accomplish and decide what to do next.

Now, move into the last part of your day with grace. Deliberately choosing your next steps always feels better than arriving at the end exhausted, depleted and frustrated.

Some things won’t get done.

That’s ok.

It’s even more ok when you make the choices.


The slump is over.

Into the evening you go.

Still feeling good.

A Morning Routine To Get You On Track

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

Morning routineDo you ever plan in the morning to get things done, but somehow the day gets away from you?

Or really, really, really commit to working out and eating well, and yet, you get derailed?

Or go through your day and simply forget that you meant to take better care of yourself?

Well, I have been guilty of all three at one time or another. And even today, as a specialist in self-care and weight loss, I sometimes find myself not even on my own list.

When this happens, the first thing I do is back up.

What has to happen for me to eat well?

What has to happen to get my workout in?

And what has to happen to make sure I take some nourishing breaks during my busy day?

Usually, the bottom line foundation for all kinds of goals starts with getting a good night’s sleep.

Once you have that, everything else is smoother, flows easier.

And without it, simple things can become a struggle.

So start there.

If getting that sleep is a struggle, back up from that and ask yourself what has to happen to get more and better quality sleep.

Keep backing up until you have an answer.

And get your sleep.

Now, we come to your morning.

Before you hit the ground running, it’s really important to set your intentions for the day.

Take a look at this worksheet, ‘Daily Check-In’, and follow along with me. 

Start off with how you feel, and how you’d like to feel as you go through your day.

Do you want to feel peaceful, productive, energized, or joyful?

What do you need to think to create those feelings?

Write it down.

Now map out what you think you’ll be eating for the day. If your plans are flexible, and you may be in restaurants or with others, it doesn’t matter. You can still start with a ‘soft’ plan for yourself in the morning and go from there.

Think about what’s available to you, what you might need to stock up on and what you want to put in your purse to carry with you.

Don’t forget water and any supplements you take.

Next, let’s think about your exercise plan for the day.

What will you do?


With anyone?

Is there anything you need to do now to make it happen?

How will you give yourself some rewards or breaks or little bits of play today? I know it seems unnecessary to actually write these details out. But, from my own experience I can tell you that if you don’t plan it, your chances of it happening are slim.

Plot out some work breaks, some small things to look forward to for getting things done AND taking care of yourself. The object is to make this pleasurable. Not just another ‘to do’ list. This is for you!

Towards the bottom of the sheet, you will see ‘Your mantra for the day’. What thought, either a sentence or a phrase, will sum up how you want today to go? Write it here. For example, one that I use a lot is: “I’m in the process of taking better care of myself”.

Next, your Brag: this term is borrowed from fellow coach Tonya Leigh. Your brag is something you did that you are proud of. In other words, what went well?

And last, ‘Grateful’.

List a couple or few things that you are grateful for this day.

This simple worksheet will only take a few minutes.

But before you dive into being focused on the outer world and on others, fill your cup first. Fill this out and look at it a couple of times during the day.

Maybe at noon. And dinnertime. And before bed.

How did you do?

What can you do tomorrow?

Look at it through the focus of looking for the good.

Don’t use it to beat yourself about what didn’t go well.

And now on to the next day.

This little morning routine will help you stay connected to you, the most important person in your day.


What’s So Bad About Being Comfortable?

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

Woman on comfortable couch

There are many great, motivating sayings about your comfort zone.

And lots of instruction on how to get out of your comfortable zone.

Here are some of my favorites:

  • “Everything you want is just outside of your comfort zone.” Robert Allen
  • “Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.” Brian Tracy
  • “If you put yourself in a position where you have to stretch outside your comfort zone, then you are forced to expand your consciousness.” Les Brown

Very motivating.

But, sometimes I wonder – what’s so bad about being comfortable?

And staying comfortable?

About relaxing.

Not pushing yourself.

Kicking back.

Here’s the thing:

We all have a zone of comfort.

It’s where we are secure.


Not threatened.

The only way to be in this zone is to stay where you are.

And to stay how you are.

What’s wrong with that?

Let’s say you absolutely love your life.

Every aspect.

Your relationships.

Your work.

Your health. And your body.

Why change things? Why push it?

Well, you know how we all have that fantasy about lying on the beach of some beautiful island, doing nothing, forever?

It sounds pretty appealing when you’re stressed and overwhelmed with your everyday life.

But after about a month of beach life, you’d be lined up somewhere looking for a boarding pass back home.


Because the truth is, although a totally stress-free life sounds good, we human types actually thrive on solving problems.

It makes us happy to reach and achieve.

To bump into a dilemma and come out the other side.

And to work through a crisis and feel stronger.

The trick is to balance the stress with comfort, and the inevitable pain of life with pleasure.

If we stay in that mellow, cozy comfort zone we’re so good at creating, we get stale.

We wither.

Our juices stop flowing.

Picture a big, soft, overstuffed couch with you, curled up in a corner, surrounded by pillows.

Heaven, right?

For a while, yes.

But the longer you’re planted in the comfy couch, the harder it is to get up and get out of it.

And the more painful it is when life forces you to get out of it.

So, does this mean we never get to relax and just stay where we are?

No. Relaxing is good.

Awareness and appreciation of where we are and what we have is really good.

But to live our best life, we need to balance the comfy couch with a push, a leap, or a jaunt into the new and uncomfortable.

Because from what I’ve seen, the new comfy couch just outside your comfort zone is really cool.

My Brother: Jeffrey Stuart Silver, 1957 – 2011

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

My BrotherMy brother Jeff was a simple guy.

He loved his daughter, his work and his family.

Last Friday, July 29th, Jeff succumbed to a two year battle with cancer.

I walked with my brother on his journey to his inevitable end.

It was hard.

Hard for me to watch.

And a thousand-fold harder for him to experience.

I cried.

I ranted.

I talked to everyone who would listen.

I was coached by some of the best life coaches in the business.

In the end, both Jeff and I learned a lot, grew as individuals, and became a heck of a lot wiser.

Was this cancer the way I would have chosen to gain more understanding about life?

Hell, no!

Yet, I did.

And so did Jeff.

We learned that money can enhance your life. It can’t make you happy.

We learned that true friends come through when you need them, even if it’s messy and inconvenient.

We learned that family bonds are unbelievably strong, no matter what.

We learned that we all possess strength to do things we never thought we could.

And, we learned that in the end, we will all always want more.

More time.

More love.

More moments together.

So, feeling my own mortality very strongly right now, I vow to appreciate every moment more.

To love my family and to value them.

To focus on what really matters.

As Richard Carlson famously said:

Don’t sweat the small stuff. And it’s all small stuff.

To my brother Jeff.

May his memory be a blessing.



Taking Care of Yourself

Friday, November 19th, 2010

As the holiday season approaches, most of us find ourselves with a long list of things to do and not enough time to do them. And taking care of ourselves? Well, it isn’t even on the list.

This is a time when it’s too easy to throw away your goals and plans around weight loss, and just wait until the New Year to get started again. BUT the better you take care of yourself, the less reason there is to overeat.

Fellow life coach Amy Pearson interviewed me for a video series on self-care.

I am posting this video for you as a pre-holiday gift. I hope you use some of these ideas to continue in your efforts to get to a natural, healthy weight, despite the craziness of the season.

While the quality of this Skype video isn’t perfect, I thought the message was so important that I decided to allow this imperfect offering to go out to you anyway.

Here are some key points from the video:

  • Ditch the guilt. When formulating and executing a plan for taking care of yourself.
  • Figure out – in all areas of your life – what you need to get by and to thrive.
  • Choose some small things you can do for yourself that won’t break the bank or your schedule.
  • Block these things into your life right now; don’t wait until you are desperate and depleted.
  • Make time; don’t wait for a chunk of free time to fall into your lap.
  • Be on the lookout for clues that you are heading for a fall, and insert some self care immediately.
  • Build up a bank account of self care… Proactive self care and maintenance go a long way toward preventing burnout.

Food and Self-Care

Remember, food can only meet your needs if you happen to be hungry. It really doesn’t work for anything else.

Amy Pearson is a life coach who helps busy moms lose weight. In addition to weight loss coaching, she enjoys coaching approval addicts and other women who find themselves stuck because of low self-esteem. To learn more or sign-up for her free e-course for approval seekers, visit