Starting From Scratch To Lose Weight

Starting From Scratch To Lose WeightIf you have extra weight on your body, I know one thing for sure:

You have been feeding yourself more than your body needs.

Why do you do this?

For many of us, after years of dieting and trying to lose weight, we have learned how to disregard our natural signals of hunger.

We eat when we want food, even if our bodies do not.

We eat when we are tired, angry, sad, bored or lonely.

Even when our bodies are content.

In order to lose weight and get rid of the whole weight issue, we need to do something revolutionary and reconnect with our bodies.

Listen to the clear signals of hunger.

And hear when we’ve had enough.

But even if we are trying to do this, to reconnect, we get mixed signals from the rest of the world.

We look at the size of a restaurant portion and we tell ourselves that is what we were served, so that’s what we should eat.

We listen to people commenting about how little we are eating.

And when we’re with friends, we are shocked at how little we eat compared to those around us.

We start to get panicky.

I should be eating more!

I don’t want to starve myself!

After all, I’m not one of those extremists, who want to weigh 102 pounds.

So what do we do?

How do we reconcile our desire to honor our body’s signals, and not let ourselves be swayed by all the noise we hear around us?

We start from scratch.


We stop looking at what a ‘serving’ is.

We don’t care how much our friends are eating.

We stop listening to people cajoling us to eat more.

And we trust that our bodies will tell us how much to eat.

When my clients learn to eat from hunger and stop when they are no longer hungry, they are shocked to see how little food it takes to satisfy them.

They are shocked when they compare this amount to what they are used to eating.

And when they compare this amount to what everyone else is eating.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to start from scratch.

Listen only to that small voice inside you, telling you when to start eating and when to stop.

It’s the only thing relevant to you and your body and your journey to lose weight.

Start from scratch.

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2 Responses to “Starting From Scratch To Lose Weight”

  1. Kelly Hoffman says:

    Dear Cookie-

    Great advice, as usual! Listening to your body also applies to exercise and avoiding injury, and I am more in tune to that as well after working with you.


  2. Kelly, you’re right!