Some Super Simple Weight Loss Advice

weightYou have a goal: you want to lose some weight.


So you work on it.

You create a plan.

Super simple.

You do things differently.

You stop doing certain things.

And you begin doing some new things.

Add some time. And some consistency.

And voila!

You start heading toward your goal.

It works!

But… then, you stop doing what works.

Why? Why would you do that?

Maybe you’re tired of doing ‘it’.

Maybe you didn’t really think this would be a long-term thing.

And you didn’t look beyond the goal.

So now that you’re moving in the right direction, you want to slow down.

Slack off.

Stop doing what works.

Give yourself a little break.

Reality check:

You need to keep doing what works.


Make peace with it.

Note to self: Don’t stop doing what works.

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