Seven Essential Steps to Permanent Weight Loss

No doubt, you’ve tried to lose weight many times.

And I’m guessing that if you figured everything out, and it worked, you probably wouldn’t be reading this page right now.

Trying and trying again to lose weight, stop eating emotionally and stop bingeing takes its toll on you.

On your self-esteem.

On the way you look at life.

And on your body.

That’s why I want to share the Seven Essential Steps to Permanent Weight Loss with you.

I don’t want you to waste another moment trying things that don’t work when I can guide you toward what does work.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn in my free audio. You can also read the transcript instead of listening, and do the workbook to make sure these concepts stick with you.

  • Do you hate yourself at your current weight? Learn why this can be a major block in your weight loss efforts.
  • Are you having trouble accepting yourself now, even if you get why you should? Listen as I explain exactly how to move into self-acceptance, no matter what number the scale says today.
  • You want to lose weight. You want to weigh a certain number or fit into a certain size jeans. But, do you know why you want these things? Understand the science behind figuring out why you want to lose weight, so you can create your own motivation.
  • Do you make rigid plans? If you do, my educated guess is that they don’t last long. And when you fall off your plan, you fall hard. I can show you the benefits of a ‘soft plan’, why it works better and how to create one.
  • Goals are big and can be intimidating. Especially when you look at where you are now and there’s a giant gap. Figuring out how to break down your big goals into doable chunks will make a world of difference.
  • When you eat, do you listen to your mind? Or your body? The answer to this question will make a huge difference in your success. Let me show you the difference between the two, and which one to go to when deciding what and when to eat.
  • Are you approaching weight loss like an amateur? Or worse, like a victim? If you long for someone to just tell you what to do, you may be heading down the wrong path. Learn why you need to acknowledge how much you already know, and how to leverage what you’re already good at in your weight loss journey.
  • And finally, are you guilty of looking only at each meal? Each day? Or even each week? There’s a much better way and it has to do with perspective. I will help you discover the advantages of stepping back and reviewing your situation so that you don’t get lost in the hundreds of decisions you need to make every day.

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