Hiking at a retreatIn addition to common definitions of retreat, such as ‘departure’ and ‘flee’, I love the definition of retreat as ‘a sanctuary, a hideaway, or haven’.

A while back, I retreated with 35 fellow life coaches and 3 fearless leaders to Sedona, Arizona.

We hiked and talked and laughed and cried.

We shared stories and ate delicious food.

We took naps and got massages.

We connected, both with each other and with our inner selves.

The time away from my everyday life was invaluable.

I came home with lots of clarity about what’s in between my present life and my ideal life. (By the way, the answer is ‘me’.)

And after, as I looked at my ever-present to do list, and got back to work coaching my wonderful clients, I wondered whether it was possible to take away some elements of the retreat and create some of those great features at home.

So I’ve made a decision and here it is.

Once a month will be my home retreat day.

I plan to clear my calendar. No phone, no email, and no appointments. Not even one.

Because even though connections with friends and colleagues are a primo element of happiness for most people, it’s the connection with ourselves that needs to come first.

It’s easy to say we should accept ourselves and be compassionate with ourselves. Yet when we move through life so quickly and are so distracted it’s too easy to lose touch with what matters most.

Here’s my plan:

A random Thursday that has nothing on the calendar yet, is now blocked out. It will be a day for me to check in with myself and treat myself to the time and space to do some self-care.

I’d like to invite all of you to accept a challenge and take your own retreat day. Maybe it’s only a half day. But I encourage you to take some chunk of time to block out for yourself.

How will you spend this time?

Well, here’s what appeals to me:

  • Going back to sleep after my girls leave for school.
  • Eating delicious healthy food that I will take the time to prepare for myself, not because I have to, but because I’m worth it.
  • Writing in my journal.
  • Thinking about my life… checking in and really looking at different areas. Is this how I want my life to look? Are there options?

Realistically, perhaps one day or a half day isn’t enough to change everything. But taking time to think is a start.

Taking time allows you to be intentional with your life. You end up actively creating instead of being moved along like a leaf on a stream of water.

And the more often you create these pockets of time, the more consciously you will begin to do everything.

So, are you in?

Pick out a day and do it.

Sometimes it helps to step away from your daily routines to see if you are where you want to be.

What a great gift to give yourself!

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