No More Excuses!

No More ExcusesDo you recognize any of these thoughts?

  • I’m having guests this week. It will be so hard to eat well!
  • I’m going on vacation, on a cruise. I’ll just start my weight loss when I get home.
  • My partner and I just broke up… I’ll give myself a month before I worry about eating healthy again.

Do these excuses sound familiar?

Or maybe yours have to do with work, your business, or a big launch you have coming?

Or perhaps your children, your husband, or even your ex-husband?

Here’s the thing:

There’s always something.

Our lives are fuller than ever.

We’re more connected with more people than ever before.

We’re busier. We have more commitments. And more on our ‘to do’ lists.

So, how does this affect our weight loss efforts?

We keep thinking that all these conditions are special. Unique. Once in a great while. So we use them as reasons or excuses to stop taking care of ourselves. To disconnect from our needs.

But the truth is, these conditions are not special, not anymore.

This is the new normal, for most of us.

Constant events, changes, and unusual circumstances… are now our new normal.

That’s right.


So if this is our new normal, then we need to find a way to live within this life we are constantly creating, and still find time and space to honor ourselves and care for ourselves.

No more excuses.

Sometimes something big will come into your life and you can only stop what you are doing and respond to it. I hope these things are rare for you.

But on a regular basis, we need to acknowledge that our version of ‘normal’ has changed. And we need to find a way to factor ourselves into our new normal.

No more excuses.

Figure out what your normal life includes. All the ups and downs and wild roller coaster rides. Know that you are creator of this life. And find a way to make room for yourself in there. With your dreams and your goals and everything that is important to you.

It’s a new normal, people. So find your way to peace. In this life you’re creating.

No more excuses.

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