I Never Expected I Would be Proud to be 59

Cookie Rosenblum at 59

Ahhh, 59. I never thought I’d be one of those people, women specifically, who were proud of their age.

In my twenties, I was so worried about how I looked that I absolutely couldn’t imagine even being 40.

Things have changed.

I have evolved, and continue to evolve, so that I am comfortable saying my age today.

I’m 59 years old.

I don’t look like I did when I fretted about my looks.

I’m older.

I’m looser.

I’m crinkled.

And I’m happy.

Happy to be alive.

To have the husband I have and the daughters I have.

At 59, to be doing work I love.

To take care of myself with love instead of criticism.

My body has changed through the years, of course.

But when I treat it well, it more than gets me around.

My mind has changed, a lot.

And I have more peace now than I ever did.

How much time do I have ahead of me?

Who knows?

What I do know is that although I still try to care for myself, the inside and the outside, I care far more about what kind of person I am than how attractive I am.

It feels so good to let it go.

Does that mean I just don’t care anymore, about hair, and makeup and my body and clothes?

Hell no.

It means I love my age right now.

And everything that comes with it.

So, today I am ‘out’ to the world.

I’m 59.

And feeling good.


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6 Responses to “I Never Expected I Would be Proud to be 59”

  1. Susan Hyatt says:

    Happy Birthday Cookie! And you look maaahhhvalous at 59!


  2. Maria says:

    Amen Cookie! I agree that when you care more about yourself and nurture your soul, it will radiate. That’s why you are beautiful from the inside, out. Happy Birthday and looking forward to a big bang celebration on your 60th year in 2013.

  3. Kelly Hoffman says:

    Dear Cookie-

    Firstly, Happy Birthday! May you have an awesome day.

    Secondly, you look amazing for any age, and especially for 59! Wow – I did not know your age, and you sure don’t look it, AT ALL. That is a very nice picture you posted, and it looks just like you.

    Lastly, I hope to model myself after you in so many ways, and the positive attitude you expressed in your blog and your physical look is where I would like to be. I am getting better everyday, with your help!

    Kelly 🙂

  4. awwwww. Thank you Susan! xoxo.

  5. Thank you so much Maria! It’s been a journey and I’m happy to be here. xoxo.

  6. Kelly, it’s an honor to work with you. Thank you for your sweet birthday wishes. You are absolutely getting better every day! C.