Losing Weight, Gaining Clarity

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You want to lose weight.

And although you’re not sure what you need to get that done, you know you need help. 

What if you could pick just one thing that would make a difference to you, and just focus on that?

A Clarity Session is a simple way to get results fast.

As in, 90 minutes fast.

If you think: If only I could do better with this, or do less of that, or find a new way to look at this problem, then a Clarity Session is for you.

Here are some ideas to get you thinking. These are some common issues that I help my clients work through in their Clarity Session. Of course, you may choose your own, based on what you’d like help with most, right now! 

Would you like to…

  1. Finally get clear on why you haven’t been able to lose weight, and learn exactly what you must do differently?


  1. Understand why you can’t stop eating (even when you’ve had enough) and learn a major tool that will help you push your plate away?


  1. Learn why your emotions make you eat, regardless of hunger, and what you can do instead?


  1. Finally recognize why keeping yourself at the bottom of your ‘to do’ list is backfiring on your work, your relationships, and especially on your body?


  1. Discover how to maneuver your way around the inevitable bumps in the road, and how to use them to keep moving toward the body you want?


  1. Overcome your binge-eating habit by getting to the truth about where those urges really come from, and learn how to not get duped by them.


  1. Be taught the exact skills that naturally thin women use to know when to eat and when to stop.


These are just a sample of the many things you can choose to work on in your Clarity Session.

Pick one.

Something that is really bothering you.

Something that seems like the main thing you’d like to conquer right now.

And sign up.

I can help you with this.


Here’s what you’ll get:

  • One 90 minute highly focused session on the phone with me. You get to choose what we focus on… the biggest weight loss challenge you face.
  • We can record the session – It’s optional but highly recommended.
  • You’ll complete a Get Clarity Intake form before the session so we can zero in on the main issue you’d like help with.
  • You’ll receive some great worksheets both before and after the session.
  • I will be available to you for email support for a two week period after your Clarity Session, Monday through Friday
  • When we’re finished, we’ll schedule a brief phone call, 20-30 minutes long, at the end of that two week period to check in and see how you are doing. I’ll give you professional guidance as to how to continue doing what you’ve started, and point out any shifts you might need to make.
  • Your investment is a one-time fee of $297.00.


Can I guarantee that you will lose 20 pounds in 90 minutes?
Of course not!
But I can guarantee that I can help you focus on one problem that’s holding you back from the weight loss you desire, and give you the exact tools you need to solve this problem.
And I’ll help you use those tools to get results.

You will be taken to Paypal, and then to my scheduler, so we can make a date. Then you’ll get an email from me with your Get Acquainted form. 

And then we’ll talk, and dive right in.

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