Let It Go

let it goOften, we have trouble looking forward. Why? Because we are focused on things we think we’ve done wrong.

Decisions we’ve made. Decisions that affect our lives, our relationships, our money, our bodies.

These decisions are already made. And already acted on. And yet we keep turning them over in our minds, over and over again.

We ruminate about our mistakes. Examine every inch of what we should have done differently.

My clients sometimes obsess about what they’ve eaten.

How they ate too much of one thing and not enough of another. How they reacted to an emotion with a bag of Oreos. Or how they can’t fit into their old jeans anymore because their size has changed.

Here’s the thing.

Once something is done, it’s done. We can’t take it back. Some things have no recourse.

What can we do when we’ve done something we wish we hadn’t?

We can let it go.

We can release it.

And in doing so, we free ourselves to move forward.

We think if we beat ourselves up enough, maybe we can undo the damage. But we only create more damage by this self-flogging.

The way to peaceful living is to live without regrets.

That means no beating yourself for something you’ve done. No name calling for something you’ve eaten.

Just let it go. So you can have peace and move on.

Oh, and yes, you can learn from your actions, from your decisions. But please, don’t stay in ‘stuck’ mode. 

Just let it go. And keep moving forward.

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