It’s a Cinch by the Inch, and Hard by the Yard

Cinch by the inchI don’t know where this saying originated. It’s been attributed to everyone, including Dr. Seuss.

But I do know that when it comes to losing weight, nothing could be truer.

When you look at the total weight you want to lose, it seems big.

It seems insurmountable.

Yet, that same number, when looked at pound by pound, is very doable.

And let’s get even smaller.

Forget pounds.

And just look at the next decision you make.

Look at each decision and keep making choices from integrity.

Eventually, you’ll get to your goal.

And it will definitely feel easier than looking at your big goal.

Here’s another tip:

Focus on what you’ve accomplished.

Not on what you struggle with.

Research shows that certain pleasure centers of our brain light up with activity when we focus on good things we’ve accomplished.

So doing what works and thinking about it or talking to someone else about it literally makes it easier to keep doing good things.

Make change as easy as you can.

Make it a cinch.

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