Interviews & Podcasts with Cookie

I’m so excited to share these podcasts and interviews with you.

If you love hearing the inside scoop from authors of internationally known weight loss, binge eating and emotional eating books, here it is!

You can pick and choose whichever interviews appeal to you.

I talk with Kathryn Hansen, author of Brain Over Binge, about how she created her breakthrough 5 steps that solved her own binge eating problem.

And I interview Karen Koenig, author of Outsmarting Overeating and Nice Girls Finish Fat. Karen brings years of experience to dealing with emotional eating and finding a way to overcome it for good.

And, with Gillian Riley, the UK seminar leader and author of Ditching Diets and Eating Less. You’ll love Gillian’s unique, no-nonsense perspective on eating less without feeling deprived.

If you love podcasts, listen as master podcaster Alen Standish interviews me about binge eating, perfectionism and motivation in three thought-provoking sessions. You’ll love Alen’s easy going style and his two podcast series, Progress Not Perfection and Quit Binge Eating are hits on iTunes.

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