Connected, Disconnected, Connected, Disconnected…

connectedWhen you’re connected to your body, you’re paying attention to your internal guidance system.

It lets you know when you’re hungry, when you’re thirsty, when you’re tired.

Sometimes after years of dieting, we train ourselves to ignore our internal guide.

We ignore our hungers.

We ignore our needs.

We disconnect.

If you’re gaining weight right now, odds are that you’re pretty well disconnected from your body. You’re in the habit of responding to cues all around you, but not from within.

If you’re holding steady and can’t seem to lose weight, you are probably in an alternating pattern of connect, disconnect, connect, disconnect. Sometimes you give yourself what you need, and sometimes you tune out.

If You’re Connected

And if you’re attuned to your body the majority of the time, you’ve probably experienced relatively easy weight loss. You’re in a rhythm of giving yourself just what you need, when you need it, and in the amounts you need.

You’re connected.

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