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Seven Essential Steps to Permanent Weight Loss

No doubt, you’ve tried to lose weight many times.

Trying and trying again to lose weight, stop eating emotionally and stop bingeing takes its toll on you.

On your self-esteem.

On the way you look at life.

And on your body.

That’s why I want to share the Seven Essential Steps to Permanent Weight Loss gifts with you.

I don’t want you to waste another moment trying things that don’t work when I can guide you toward what does work.

Weight Loss Working Woman giftsWeight Loss and the Working Woman

Most of my clients have lives that are full and busy, just like you. And most of these women struggle with their weight, with emotional eating, or with binge eating. When it comes to their own self-care and solving their eating issues, they drop all the balls.

I’ve created three short and sweet audio gifts for you to listen to on the go that will help you see what you’re doing, and teach you what to do differently.

And a simple, to the point workbook (A Business Plan for Your Body) that will help you:

  • Define the problem
  • Create solutions for yourself
  • And take action

Interview giftsInterviews with Cookie

I’m so excited to share these podcasts and interviews with you.

If you love hearing the inside scoop from authors of internationally known weight loss, binge eating and emotional eating books, here it is!

You can pick and choose whichever interviews appeal to you.

Featured interviews include Kathryn Hansen, author of Brain Over Binge; Karen Koenig, author of Outsmarting Overeating and Nice Girls Finish Fat; Gillian Riley, UK seminar leader and author of Ditching Diets and Eating Less; and Alen Standish from Progress Not Perfection and Quit Binge Eating.

Clearing Your Path to Permanent Weight LossClearing Your Path to Permanent Weight Loss

If you’re frustrated by your emotional eating, or binge eating, or your inability to lose weight no matter what you try, you’ve GOT to read my book, Clearing Your Path to Permanent Weight Loss.

This book can help you:

  • Finally understand how to look at your current weight without getting upset. Because getting upset leads you back to overeating.
  • Learn how to view your past and current missteps as helpful learning tools. If you look at your behavior as a failure, you are pretty much guaranteeing that you’ll give up.
  • Instead of hating your body today, and your weight, and even yourself for not being successful at weight loss yet, learn exactly how to think to accept yourself right now. AND still be able to change.
  • Are you under the impression that when you lose weight, then you’ll feel good about your body, yourself, your whole life? No!! Learn how to not wait to get to a certain weight to feel good.
  • And understand why feeling good now is imperative to losing weight and solving all your eating challenges.

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