How To Catch Yourself Before You Overeat

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How To Catch Yourself Before You Overeat

The 5 D’s: Five Strategies to End Emotional Eating

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with Master Weight Loss Coach, Cookie Rosenblum

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Meet Your Coach, Cookie Rosenblum

I’m Cookie Rosenblum. I’m a Master Certified Weight Loss Coach, through The Life Coach School, and a Certified Life Coach through Dr. Martha Beck, who’s famously known as Oprah’s Life Coach. I also have a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology.

I work with smart women just like you: women who want to lose weight, end their emotional and habitual overeating, and learn to eat and live like a natural eater. Women who want to figure things out so they can – finally! – get off the diet merry-go-round and have all that extra energy to simply live their life and do great things.

For over 25 years, my coaching expertise has helped thousands of women change their bodies and their lives from the inside out.

My book, Clearing Your Path to Permanent Weight Loss, is critical in helping you figure out why nothing has worked for you so far, so you can stop repeating the same eating and thinking mistakes, over and over again.

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And my podcast, Weight Loss Made Real (top-rated in iTunes), is like having private sessions with me. On my podcast, just as I do with my Freedom Group members, I coach you on how to not only lose weight and end painful eating patterns, but on how to lose the whole problem.

I will help you take care of your eating, your weight AND your happiness.

If you love the podcast and my coaching style, and if you’re ready to take action to solve your weight and eating problem for good, you will love the Freedom Group! It’s my monthly coaching membership where hundreds of women just like you are coached and supported to reach their goals.

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