Fear Keeps You Stuck

fearOur life, right now, is a result of everything we’ve done. Everything we’ve thought… over and over again. So when our thoughts are filled with fear, it limits us… and keeps us stuck where we are.

It’s natural to want to stay safe. But after we take care of our basic safety needs, we really do need to stretch ourselves in order to get the things we want.

We need to willingly be uncomfortable in order to have more and be more than we are right now.

So I invite you to take a look at your life. And see where you might be stuck and why.

You know that weight loss is my specialty. In my coaching practice, I see many women fighting to stay in their safe little boxes, all while lamenting how much they want to change.

This is natural. It’s hard-wired into us for survival.

But these days, in our middle class world, it’s rare to really need to be worried about survival.

So if your basic needs are taken care of, it’s time to ask yourself: what do I want to be, do or have, that I don’t have right now? And what’s holding me back?

Almost always the answer is fear.

Fear keeps us small. Fear keeps us stuck. And fear keeps us looking through the window, seeing other women living their lives more fully and enjoying themselves more than us.

What’s the fear about?

It could be your fear of trying something and failing. It could be your fear of trying something and actually succeeding! And it could be your fear of being seen.

Putting yourself out there and being seen as less than perfect. As having problems, or flaws.

But the reality is that we all have something that we’re afraid of.

And those women who go for what they want anyway are the ones that work through their fears and end up in a place of pride, joy and new-found confidence.

You can’t get that from staying safe.

You can only get it from taking a leap, a risk. Into the land of ‘no guarantees’.

Do you want something but fear putting yourself out there to get it? Do you fear what others will think when they see the real you?

In the end, what you get by putting yourself out there and taking a step forward will FAR outweigh the risk you take.

Every single time I do something new, something I’m not good at, I grow. And no matter what the result of whatever I was working on, the personal result to me is always profoundly good.

So ask yourself: What do you most want?

What is holding you back? And how can you take one step closer toward what you desire?

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