Does Caring For Yourself Feel Like A Big Burden?

burdenI don’t know about you, but I can totally relate to how many of my clients feel. Taking care of themselves feels like a big burden. It’s not that they don’t really know what they need, but it feels so darn hard to actually do it! To make the time to give themselves what they need.

What do I mean?

Well, in order to eat like a naturally slim person, you need to eat when you’re hungry, right? So that means you need to have food in the house, right?

And that also means you need to have food that you like, that makes you feel good, easily available and accessible. So if you have nothing but a bunch of ingredients in the house that requires 45 minutes of prep time, guess what?

When your hunger rolls around, it will feel like a burden and too much work to wash, cut, prep and cook something.

No surprise. When you’re hungry, you’re hungry.

But why the big disconnect here?

We all know we need to eat. We all know we will keep getting hungry periodically, for as long as we’re around. Even though we know this, lots of us don’t want to do the work. We want it to just be taken care of. Magically.

We want to feel hungry and just sit down to a luscious meal. Who doesn’t?

But why do we argue with reality here? No one I know lives with a staff who cares for every need they have. We all, to some extent, have to take care of our basic needs.

Yet some of us are resentful. Maybe we didn’t get the care and support we yearned for when we were children. Maybe we had to do more than our share of taking care of things back when we weren’t really equipped to do so. And now, that’s the last thing we want to do.

Here’s where reality crashes into our past.

We may not even be aware in the moment, but our past pain, our past resentments and our past patterns are running smack into our present moment when we need to get ourselves to take care of ourselves. And that includes getting some food that we like, ready to eat.

Simple right? But not when we don’t even know what’s holding us back.

So, if it feels like a burden to give yourself what you need, whether it’s good food, enough sleep, breaks from work, and even, yes, time to take a bathroom break… pause. Ask yourself what’s going on. Why are you resenting and resisting doing what you need?

Uncover the reason. And then do it. Give yourself what you need. Even if you’re still mad that no one gave it to you in the past. And maybe no one is giving it to you now.

But… lucky you! You have you. To nurture yourself. To give to yourself. To feed yourself. And who better than you to know exactly what you need!

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