Truth #1: Clearing Your Path to Weight Loss: Learn Why Hard is Good and Stop Chasing Easy

hard is goodIn my goal of giving you everything I know about permanent weight loss, we’re going to start with the first step I always teach my clients. That is, clearing your path of errors in your thinking, so you can move toward your goal.

Today, I’m giving you a chapter from my book, Clearing Your Path to Permanent Weight Loss.

This is just one concept of many but it’s an important one. It’s about learning why ‘hard’ is good, and how to stop thinking ‘easy’ is your goal.

I’m also giving you a link to download a worksheet that will help you with this concept. Feel free to write to me with any questions or aha’s you have after doing the exercise.

Do you think getting what you want should be easy?

Here’s the problem:

When you are trying to reach a goal and it is difficult for you, you assume anything that is hard is too hard, and you stop trying. You also think that when something is hard, that it’s not fair. You think things should be easier for you.

Here’s the solution:

How often have you heard yourself say, ‘but it’s so hard!’… I can certainly think of more than a few times that phrase has come out of my mouth.

When you say something is hard, how do you feel?

I know I feel burdened, overwhelmed and a little hopeless, with a touch of dread. Who would want to put effort into something that feels unpleasant right from the beginning?

When we think something is hard, our knee jerk reaction is to feel bad, and then either avoid it like the plague, or go into it grudgingly, waiting for the sky to fall.

When we feel dread, or hopelessness or overwhelm, we either tend to give very little effort (why bother?) or do it kind of half-assed because we think we’ll probably fail anyway (because it’s so hard).

Not a great way to start. Weight Loss. Or any project in your life.

Wouldn’t it be cool to start approaching a goal with excitement, zest, or at least peace?

You can. Here’s how.

We need to reframe the idea of ‘hard’. And think about why it’s come to mean something negative.

What types of things do we usually label as hard?

  • Things that take us outside our comfort zone,
  • Things that make us stretch beyond what we expected or what was required, and,
  • Things that have no immediate payoff… no instant gratification (you mean I have to eat mindfully and stay connected to myself and exercise without seeing an immediate 10 pound weight loss?)

But here’s a new way to look at the concept of hard… who says hard has to be something bad? Or something to be avoided at all costs?

We are wired to actually like hard things. Humans are given the intellectual ability to figure things out. Problems stimulate us. If we approach them the right way.

For example, we know that if you think, ‘that’s hard!’ you might feel dread.

If you think, instead, ‘wow, that’s challenging!’ you might feel stimulated and even excited.

Sometimes, we tend to think that we want life to be easy peasy. No problems, no hurdles, no learning curve, just simple.

Well, guess what? It’s not really true. Well, of course we don’t want mountains to climb over everything we do in life. We’d all love things to go smoothly. But when they don’t, remember that our brains are designed to find solutions to everything we encounter. We can find solutions.

Just imagine how differently you might go through life if your motto was ‘I can figure this out’, instead of ‘Oh, no! A problem!’

When you are beginning a new weight loss program, check the conversation that’s going on in your mind. If you find yourself worrying about how hard it’s going to be, you are setting yourself up to start your program with a big weight on your shoulders. Not exactly a fun way to live and get things done.

But if you can think about starting a new weight loss program and accept that there will be challenges, you’ll feel completely different, and will be so much more likely to look for solutions and do well!

Be interested and compassionate as you tune into your own mind.

Take a few minutes to go back to the last couple of weight loss efforts you made. Did you go into those programs thinking about how hard it was going to be?

Now it’s time for a fresh start.

By seeing roadblocks as temporary challenges that you can figure out you are MUCH more likely to stick to your program, reach your goals and feel great while doing so.

If you can begin to catch yourself when you start thinking things shouldn’t be so darn HARD, you will benefit from changing your mantra to ‘I’ve got this!’

Take a moment to explore how you usually react to challenges, and see how easy it is to create new responses to life’s little, or big, trials.

And here’s the worksheet

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