Banish Your Binges

Get ready to banish your binges, forever!


Banish Your BingesBanish Your Binges is my program that’s specially created for you if you struggle with binge eating.

This program is an in-depth solution to binge eating. If the urges come and you feel compelled to act on them, I’m speaking to you. Can you imagine how different your life would be if you didn’t have to spend so much energy dreading the urges, struggling with them, and then hating yourself after giving in to them?


I will give you lessons, coaching and strong support as you learn how to NOT respond to those urges without a struggle, and then learn how to think, eat and act like a naturally slim woman. We’ll use cutting-edge brain science in its simplest form to help you dismiss those cravings!


Here’s what you’ll learn and experience in the Banish Your Binges Program:


  • Clear your path: First, we’ll take a look at where you are today. With me at your side, you’ll learn how to assess where you are and how you got here. And even more importantly, what has been holding you back from getting what you want most – freedom from those strong urges to binge. We’ll also discuss in a unique and effective way, what you want to achieve and why. You’ll learn to focus your attention on what’s happening in your brain that creates the habits you have, instead of focusing on what you are doing wrong. I’ll help you understand the critical relationship between how you feel and how you act. This is the foundation that’s vital to create, before taking action, if you want your changes to be permanent.


  • Confront your urges: Next we’ll work together so you can understand the difference between your true self and your urges to binge. You’ll finally recognize how your mind and your survival instincts work together to create those urges. You’ll get really good at recognizing the language of your urges… so when you hear, ‘come on, you deserve to eat this’, you’ll know exactly what’s happening. And you will finally see that you DO have a choice in dealing with the urges. I use concepts developed by Kathryn Hansen, author of Brain Over Binge, which are backed by neuroscience and developed by her to conquer her own urges to binge.


  • Connect with your body: Here, we will begin to look at some new ways to eat. Together we’ll create your own personalized eating template, so you will always know when to start eating, how to choose what to eat, and how to know when to stop. I’ll show you how to decide what to eat that will satisfy both your appetite and your mind.




  • Take back your power: Finally, you will learn to see your urges for what they are, simple old brain habits. You’ll be able to detach from the urges, and avoid acting on them. When they do come up, which will eventually be less and less often, you’ll dismiss them without getting emotional about them. I’ll teach you why avoiding your urges and doing things to distract yourself from them doesn’t work. It is so much better to allow them to come up and not respond to them. This is the key to getting rid of them forever. If you’ve ever felt like there are two of you, one wanting to eat everything and the other version of you wanting to ‘be good’, here’s where you’ll finally learn to resist those urges.


  • Challenge your thoughts: Very often, my clients who binge also do some emotional eating. Here’s where some ‘thought management’ is exceptionally useful. I will introduce you to several amazing techniques that will allow you to decide whether what you’re thinking is helpful or harmful, and then replace the junky thoughts with custom-made thoughts that are believable, and that you can feel good about. If your life is a result of how you’ve been thinking, it’s time to take charge of what thoughts you choose to respond to. I’ll show you how to do this so that you can finally unlock the secret to lasting change.


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Banish Your Binges is for you if:


  • You know that you aren’t living your life to your full potential, because so much of your energy is devoted to trying to resist an urge to binge, or feeling bad about yourself after you binge.
  • You would love to finally understand ‘why’ you do what you do.
  • You’re ready to give yourself the gift of time to focus on yourself, something you deserve but rarely do.
  • You’ve tried and failed to stop bingeing many times and you know you need support and guidance to really complete this journey and come out triumphant on the other side of it.
  • You are ready to make a life-changing investment in yourself.


What will you gain?


  • You will gain freedom. Freedom from feeling like something is wrong with you. Freedom from abusing your body and then hating yourself. And freedom from obsessing about this and being free to live your life.
  • You will gain confidence that you are in charge of yourself, and that you CAN make changes in how you act, how you eat, and how you feel in so many areas of your life.
  • Personalized, in-depth, critical tools and concepts for creating permanent change.
  • My personal guidance: I incorporate a combination of teaching you valuable new concepts, coaching you as you begin to use them in your life, and reinforcing what you’re learning with thoughtful assignments that you’ll receive feedback on.
  • Solid strategies and tools that you can continue to practice on your own after the program ends.
  • New, actionable ideas that will forever change the way you view your bingeing habit.


In Banish Your Binges you will get:


  • Three months of private coaching calls with me.
  • There will be three calls per month.
  • Each call will be 45 minutes long, so you’ll have plenty of time to update me on your progress, move ahead as you learn new concepts, and get coached on any and all challenges you are facing.
  • We will cover five main modules, or steps in the program and we will move at your own pace.
  • All calls can be recorded. Although this is optional, most of my clients love to use these recordings to deepen their understanding, to reinforce what they learn, and to motivate themselves.
  • There will also be a brief, 20 minute focused session available to you every month when needed.
  • Ongoing email support as needed Monday through Friday.
  • Weekly packets of personalized tools, worksheets and assignments, with feedback.
  • One 60-minute follow-up call after your program is complete, within 60 days of finishing your program.


When your Banish Your Binges program is complete, you will have exactly what you need to continue making your changes permanent, and losing any extra weight, if necessary. No matter how your life circumstances may change, you’ll have created a strong foundation that will carry you through life with peace, and happiness, without resorting to that old binge habit.

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