Why You Need To Make Peace With Cooking For Yourself

January 20th, 2015

I don’t love cooking. Yet I’ve managed to feed my family for 23 years. And no one has complained. There’s a collection of recipes I’ve perfected that are good, and I’ve developed some strategies to feed myself and my family with food that is tasty, healthy and quick. But, now that my kids are away at college, sometimes […]
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Your Absolute First Step Toward Weight Loss

January 14th, 2015

Many of the inquiries I get from women who want to lose weight ask this question: “What’s the first step I should take to lose weight? I’ve tried so many times before… I don’t know where to start!” And this common question has led me to think: What do most people do when they make that […]
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How Coaching Saved Me

January 7th, 2015

A while back, right after the New Year, we had an icy night. The next morning I woke up to walk my dog and slipped right down my front steps. Ouch. Big ouch! Broken ankle. Major pain. Surgery that week. And out of commission for a couple of months. So how did coaching save me? […]
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5 Magic Words You Need to Know for Guaranteed Weight Loss

December 30th, 2014

Losing weight is just like working on a big project. There are so many parts to think about and lots of steps to take. You need to think about when to eat. What to eat. How much to eat. How to stop eating when you’ve had enough. How to disconnect those urges to binge. And […]
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5 Good Reasons To Stop Focusing On Your Weight

December 11th, 2014

So you want to lose weight. You’ve wanted to lose weight for, well, forever. And it’s just about all you can think of. You are perpetually on the lookout for the answer. The holy grail of weight loss. The magical solution. Of course, along the way to magic, you’ve kissed a lot of frogs. Diets […]
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Are You A Little Too Cozy With Your Pain?

December 4th, 2014

Wow! What a crazy thought! How could anyone enjoy their pain? And, as you think about it, how dare I say that! Of course you would never wish for your struggle. No! You’d do anything to get relief. I get it. That’s what my clients protest to me all the time. And yet, when they are […]
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Let It Go

November 20th, 2014

Often, we have trouble looking forward. Why? Because we are focused on things we think we’ve done wrong. Decisions we’ve made. Decisions that affect our lives, our relationships, our money, our bodies. These decisions are already made. And already acted on. And yet we keep turning them over in our minds, over and over again. […]
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Are You Thinking About Taking Action? Or Taking Action?

November 13th, 2014

When it comes to losing weight, creating positive, helpful habits and finding a way to feel great most of the time, there are two major areas that you need to take a look at. These two areas are your mindset and your actions. Your mindset is the part of you that controls how you look […]
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There’s No Such Thing As A Bad Day

November 6th, 2014

So many people, clients and friends alike, tell me all the time about the bad day they just had. They list all the things that happened, how hard these things were for them, and how awful they feel. But what if none of this were true? What if there was literally no such thing as […]
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How Emotional Eating Makes You Feel Worse

October 30th, 2014

Have you ever eaten something with no hunger, strictly to feel better? I have. And I’ll bet you have too. Clients tell me all the time that they are ‘emotional eaters’. This all-encompassing term includes any eating you do to relieve an uncomfortable feeling. This feeling could be anything: shame, anger, fear, loneliness, worry. Rarely […]
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