Are You Thinking About Taking Action? Or Taking Action?

Taking actionWhen it comes to losing weight, creating positive, helpful habits and finding a way to feel great most of the time, there are two major areas that you need to take a look at.

These two areas are your mindset and your actions.

Your mindset is the part of you that controls how you look at the world.

How you talk to yourself. And how you filter information coming at you.

So if you have a challenging day, and you live with the mindset of ‘life is hard’, then you’ll most likely deal with the challenge by either running from it (emotional eating) or just walking around feeling miserable.

If you have the same challenging day, and you live with the mindset of ‘life has its ups and downs and I love it all!’, then you’ll most likely deal with the challenge by viewing it through this positive lens and taking extra good care of yourself.

That is how your mindset affects your life. And basically everything in your life.

And then the second part of this big picture is how and when you are taking action.

Do you tend to get excited about things and then they somehow fizzle away?

Do you think about things a lot, read new ideas, make lists and lists and then… do nothing?

Without this action piece of the puzzle, nothing happens.

So many people are on the hunt for the perfect eating plan.

They want to exercise their way to a perfect body.

And they search and search for answers.

But, sadly, many don’t take any actions.

They fool themselves, unintentionally, into believing that because they spend so much time looking for answers, that they are actually doing something.

And they are not.

To make changes in your life, and in your physical world, your body… you need to create a mindset that will allow you to do what you need to do for yourself without a struggle.

And the other part of the equation is that you then need to take action.

If your mindset is good, taking action won’t be difficult.

But without the action, all the plans and lists, and ideas in the world will float away and nothing will change.

So how do you start taking action?

Get excited about something. Clean up your negative, habitual thoughts about failure. And start now.

Challenge yourself. Make a strong commitment. Think of something small. Even tiny. And do it.

It will all add up. Just do something.

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