Are You There Yet?

Are You There Yet?So. Are you there yet?

Have you reached your goal?

Lost your weight?

Changed your life?


Not yet?

Well, what I want to know is, what are you making that mean?

Are you a dropout?

A failure?

A person who doesn’t finish what she starts?

Or maybe there’s another way to look at this.

Maybe you’re just not there yet.

Maybe you’re on the right road, but you haven’t arrived at your destination.

Does that mean you’ve failed?


Not at all.

Does it mean you’re stuck?


It means you’re taking a pause. A moment.

To just be where you are.


Stop fighting.

Stop pushing. And angst-ing. (I made this word up!)

Maybe it’s ok to stop pushing yourself and just accept that your change, your goal, is taking as long as it’s taking.

You’re not there yet.

You’re learning.

Taking things in.

Learning what not to do.

You WILL get there.

As long as you don’t give up on yourself.

Just be where you are without the fight.

See if you can learn from where you are.

When you’re ready, you’ll move again.

But until then, pushing will only get you frustrated.

You’re just not there yet.

That’s all.

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2 Responses to “Are You There Yet?”

  1. Kay says:

    So true, Cookie. Love the compassionate lense that you see things through. Helps me to do the same. Thanks!

  2. thank you Kay!
    I love having you in my corner to remind me to focus that compassionate lens on myself! xoxo