Are You Looking for Evidence That You’ll Fail?

failWhenever you set a goal, of course, you want to have some degree of confidence that you can make it and not fail.

That you can get to that finish line and end triumphantly.

When you do have that confident feeling, it actually helps you reach your goal. It also feels better along the way. All good things join together to help you get there in a good-feeling way.

But. That’s just not how it happens for most of us.

We set our goals, whether they are to lose weight, feel differently, or do things that we’re not doing now.

And as soon as we set our goal, our mind starts to sabotage us.


By looking around for evidence that you CAN do this.

Sounds good, right?

But if ‘this’ is something you’ve never done, and your innocent brain is prowling around searching for proof that you can, guess what?

It will come up empty-handed.


No evidence that you can do this thing because you haven’t done it before.

No doubt, in most cases, you’ve tried.

But so far, you haven’t actually succeeded.

So if your mind can’t find that evidence that all will go well on the road to your goal, then it’s really hard to create a strong positive belief that you can do this.

What happens next is that you begin to feel the pain of defeat… before you’ve even started!

So you do a half-assed effort and fail. Or get a half-assed result.

And I can just hear you now, saying to yourself:

See! I knew I couldn’t do it!”

Voila! And now you have just created evidence that you CAN’T do this thing, reach this goal, climb this mountain.

And next time will be even harder.

But you, clever girl that you are, haven’t given up.

You still want to do ‘it’… reach that goal, lose that weight, change those habits.

The Fail Challenge

So how can you approach this challenge differently next time? So your mind won’t go shopping for the wrong kind of evidence?

Here’s the secret.

You don’t have to have reached your goal in the past to reach it now.

You don’t need proof of your accomplishment to motivate yourself toward something that you really want.

When your mind says: You’ve never done this before. You’ve failed before. You probably can’t do this now, then you need to answer swiftly and strongly, and say to yourself:

If anyone has ever done this before, then I can too.

Even if I’ve never done it, if anyone else can, I can too.

Hold onto that thought.

Because it’s true.

It’s real.

And it will help you leap over your gap of disbelief.

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