5 Magic Words You Need to Know for Guaranteed Weight Loss

guaranteedLosing weight is just like working on a big project.

There are so many parts to think about and lots of steps to take.

You need to think about when to eat.

What to eat.

How much to eat.

How to stop eating when you’ve had enough.

How to disconnect those urges to binge.

And how to stop using food to deal with emotional issues.

Those are just a few of the many moving parts of a weight loss project.

But if we were to simplify things, it all comes down to eating when you’re hungry, and stopping when you’re not.

If this is the simple, key step to weight loss, how do we tackle it?

Here’s the deal:

Our main goal for weight loss is to eat the way naturally slim women eat. They eat delicious food when they’re hungry. It works.

So our first step, when faced with any eating decision, will always be to ask yourself, ‘Am I hungry?’

If the answer is yes, then eat.

Eat something you like.

Eat something that makes your body feel good, both while you are eating and after you finish: you should feel light, and have energy… not feel bloated and sluggish.

And, you should eat slow enough to taste and enjoy what you’re eating.

Now, if your answer is no, you’re not hungry right now, then you need to know those guaranteed 5 magic words… this is when you pull them out.

If you want to eat and you’re not hungry, then you say to yourself, ‘Oh, that’s just my thoughts!’ And you don’t eat.

Why does this work, and why do I consider these words to be magical?

Because as humans, we don’t do anything without thinking about it first.

First there is some situation, or circumstance… something that happens in your world.

And then you have a thought about it.

From that thought, you give yourself an emotional feeling.

And that feeling drives you to take an action.

So, if you think a thought that makes you uncomfortable, often you want to get away from that discomfort by eating.

Sounds like a good survival skill to me. But, the end result could backfire, and that’s how you might pack on quite a few extra, unwanted pounds.

By recognizing ‘That’s just my thoughts’, we are instantly separating our body’s physical hunger from our brain’s desire to escape and use food to temporarily feel better.

And once we recognize what’s going on, our understanding can be instant.

We realize that ‘that’s just my thoughts’, and then we have the power to decide what to do.

Here’s where we see instantly that we don’t need to eat.

We’re just getting a message to eat from old thoughts that we’ve practiced using over and over again.

Practicing those 5 new guaranteed ‘wake up’ words will be an ongoing rehearsal.

We want to practice using those words so our brain can re-learn when to give us the signal to eat, and when to give us the signal that we might need something else.

Maybe we need to cry.

Or rest.

Or talk to a friend.

Or maybe just think.

But if we’re not hungry, then we don’t need to eat.

And it helps to recognize what’s happening: Oh, that’s just my thoughts!

The great thing is that once we realize that it’s just our habitual thoughts suggesting we eat when we’re not hungry, that’s our first step towards not eating unnecessarily.

And if you eat when you’re hungry, and stop when you’re not, your extra weight will come off.


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