5 Good Reasons To Stop Focusing On Your Weight

focusingSo you want to lose weight.

You’ve wanted to lose weight for, well, forever.

And it’s just about all you can think of.

You are perpetually on the lookout for the answer.

The holy grail of weight loss.

The magical solution.

Of course, along the way to magic, you’ve kissed a lot of frogs.

Diets and plans and programs that don’t work.

That leave you feeling much worse than when you started them.

But you never give up!

While that’s a good thing, to not lose hope, this life-long search keeps you feeling unfulfilled.  And when you never reach what you’re searching for, you create feelings of anger.


And shame.

All directed at little ole you.

If weight loss is what you ultimately want, what you consider to be the express lane to happy, why is it so bad to be focusing on it?

How else are you supposed to get there?

Here’s why you should stop focusing on your weight:

  1. You think about what you don’t want. What you put your attention on, day after day, is what you end up creating more of. What you focus on grows. The problem? If you spend your precious concentration on the fact that your body is bigger than you’d like, guess what you’ll get more of? More fat. A bigger body. Why? Because you will be thinking about being fat, you will feel hopeless, and you will keep eating. It’s a vicious circle.
  2. You think about how much you hate your weight right now. You hate your body, you hate your weight, and you pretty much hate yourself for not being able to solve this problem. But you can’t create a beautiful future if you hate your now. And that definitely includes your body. You need to find a way to feel good now, and get pleasure in the process. You cannot wait until you’re at some fantasy weight.
  3. You focus on things that create unhappiness for you. You are miserable. You think there’s no other option. If you weigh xxx, you think everyone and anyone at this weight would also be miserable. But whatever level of happiness or unhappiness you occupy now, you will attract people who are at the same level. Misery attracts more misery. And that includes people. Ever notice that when you’re happy, the people around you seem inspired? If you want to create your best body, your best life, you need to find a way to create happiness now. This includes the support people around you.
  4. You think you must be 100% perfect or it doesn’t count. Things are going well. You are increasing your awareness of what you’re doing, and you are slowly changing habits. Then you have a slip (no surprise!) and you completely forget all the good things you’ve done. You think you’re starting from scratch again, and you haven’t moved an inch. The problem here is not acknowledging your successes. No matter how small. If you never give yourself credit for what you’ve learned and accomplished, you are waiting for everything to be perfect. Since that will never happen, you never get that pat on the back… How sad!
  5. You spend more time suffering about your weight than doing something about it. You spend all your time focusing on your problem. This takes a ton of energy. And when you use up all your energy being problem-centered? You are too exhausted to actually take action. How sad. And frustrating.

If you shouldn’t be focusing so much on your weight, because it feels kind of lousy, then what should you focus on?

It’s not hard.

  • Learn how to create good feelings now. At your current weight. No more waiting to lose xxx to feel good. It is possible. Ask me how.
  • Step back. Rise above your life and look down. See and appreciate all the beauty you have around you right now. Seriously. Do this.
  • View your weight loss as a project. How would you manage a project? Would there have to be emotional drama? No. There doesn’t have to be drama here, in the project of Y.O.U. either. Make a plan. Divide it into tiny steps. Get support. Move an inch. Celebrate.

Hear this:

Even with deeply ingrained habits in what you do, and the way you think, you are an inch away from a new thought.

If you create a new thought, you can create a new reality.

And that includes a new body.

Will your body take a little time to catch up with your mind?

Of course.

But I promise you this… you’ll feel so good getting there.

Not focusing on your weight.

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